Master of Accounting at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

With the aim of offering an advanced level of accounting education, the Master of Accounting program also seeks to reinforce students’ understanding of accounting theory and principles as well as skills in accounting techniques. Besides emphasizing skills and training in specific research areas, this program incorporates ethics and cultural values to enhance credibility in terms of accounting knowledge and practice.

This program is offered especially for those with a background in accounting education. This requirement is to enable them to go into a deeper inquiry of specific areas such as corporate disclosure, accounting information system and auditing. The knowledge acquired through this program is expected to benefit public and private sector organizations in discharging their accountability function.

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Study of Accounting at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Duration of Study The Master of Accounting program is only offered on a full-time basis at the UKM Bangi main campus (application should be submitted to the UKM’s Centre for Graduate Studies). The duration of study for this program is expected to be 4 semesters. Entry Requirements Candidates with the following qualifications can be considered for enrolment into the Master of Accounting program: - A good honours Bachelor of Accounting degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or any other institution of higher learning recognized by the Senate; or - an equivalent bachelor degree and other qualification or experience recognized by the Senate;

Courses of Master of Accounting at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Managerial Accounting 3 units Financial Accounting 3 units Specialized Accountin g 3 units Financial Accounting Theory 3 units Public Sector Accounting 3 units Advanced Accounting I 3 units Advanced Accounting II 3 units Seminar in Financial Acct. 3 units Seminar in Managerial Acct. 3 units Advanced Audit & Investigation 3 units Accounting Systems & Controls 3 units Corporate Planning 3 units Seminar in Taxation 3 units Accounting Information System- 3 units

Elective Courses of Accounting at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Elective Courses Students can choose a wide range of elective courses from accounting or any business disciplines courses approved by the Dean. The Dissertation The Dissertation is intended to assess students' critical thinking ability and build the vital skills to conduct quality research within accounting areas of their interest that have practical or theoretical implications. Under the supervision of a Graduate Committee, candidates undertake this research and then present this academic writing (comprising of a maximum of 30,000 words) for examination. It will be assessed by an internal as well as an external examiner.

Master Core Courses of Accounting at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Core Courses :: ZB6013 Business Law and Ethics :: ZA6103 Accounting for Decision Making :: ZC6303 Financial Management :: ZB6503 Organizational Management :: ZD6703 Marketing Management :: ZB6023 Business Economics and decision analysis :: ZB6513 Managing Operations and Information System :: ZB6523 Strategic Management Research Component :: ZF6033 / CF6013 Business Research Methods :: ZF6043 Research Project Click on course title to view course synopsis Master of Accounting (MAcc) Core Courses :: ZF6033/CF6013 Business Research Methods :: ZA6203 History and Philosophy of Accounting Theory :: ZC6183 Corporate Reporting :: ZA6193/CA6233 Management Control :: ZA6213/CA6993 Directed Research/ Guided Research :: ZA6103 Accounting for Decision Making :: ZA6203/CA6113 History and Philosophy of Accounting Theory :: ZA6223/CA6623 Accounting Information System :: ZC6363 Multivariate Analysis :: CA7000 Master's Thesis Elective Courses :: ZA6223/ CA6623 Accounting Information System :: ZC6233 Issues and Taxation :: ZC6243 Issues in Auditing

Admission Requirements of Accounting at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

A good bachelor's degree with honours from UKM or any other institution of higher learning approved by the University Senate. An equivalent to a bachelor's degree and other qualifications recognized by the Senate. Applicants whose native language is not English and locals applying for admission who intend to write their thesis/dissertation in English language, should demonstrate good command of English (either TOEFL score of minimum 550 (paper based)/ 213 (computer based), or IELTS - band 6.0). Core Courses Core courses are designed to equip students with research skills and essential theoretical background in accounting in order to understand the current practices or phenomena and

Programme Structure M.Sc Management Accounting Universiti Utara Malaysia

This programme comprises eight (8) coursework subjects of 24 credit hours offered by UUM and six (6) Certified Financial Planner (CFP) modules offered by IMS, which allow graduates to carry the dual qualification of a master’s degree and CFP designation recognized by the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia. Core Course (24 credit hours) CCG 5013 Communication for Managers KAF 5053 International Financial Management KAM 5023 Management Accounting and Control Systems KAM 5033 Financial Modelling KAM 5043 Strategic Management Accounting KAS 5023 Information Systems Control and Audit PMM 6013 Marketing Management PMN 6013 Organization Behaviour and Development Component of CFP Certification Programme CFP 1 Foundations in Financial Planning CFP 2 Risk Management and Insurance Planning CFP 3 Tax Planning CFP 4 Investment Planning CFP 5 Estate Planning and

Executive Diploma in Accounting Administration at Universiti Malaya

Programme Overview The Executive Diploma in Accounting Administration (EDAA) is a 13 (thirteen) months part-time programme. The aim of the programme is to provide students with a solid foundation in theory and practice of accounting administration and preparing them for more challenging tasks and responsibilities in the course of their work. The course is conducted in English as well as in Bahasa Malaysia.